Eat to live or live to eat… Staples I have on hand…


When  I began to explore the wonder of gluten free eating and living I got more and more excited about new choices and options that I would never have had theopportunity to try.   There is so much good, fresh and wonderful things out there.  So here are a few things I always have on hand.

Tamari sauce – the gluten free alternative to soy sauce

Maple syrup– I really limit sugar but when we need it I use maple syrup, honey or coconut sugar.

Eggs– love eggs! can’t get enough of them.  They are perfect for any meal and the ultimate versatile food.

Greek yogurt – if you can’t have dairy, chances are you can handle greek yogurt or goat greek yogurt.  I put it in everything as you will see on this site.

Coconut Oil- excellent for baking as a butter substitute and so good for you.

Spinach– my second go to food.  raw, cooked, blended, so good and so versatile.

Garlic– I smell sooo good.

Earth balance -its a butter substitute.  Works great in baking but I limit its use.

A good gluten free flour– Cup 4 Cup is Ok to start with but over time I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. I’ll be sharing for sure.

Nuts– nuts were a daily snack when I first went gluten free but since then I have discovered so many more options.  I still toss them in my baking and salads with reckless abandon.

Gluten free pasta – Good for hot dishes and cold salads.  The really good brands are  no different than regular pasta.

Quinoa – Versatile, delicious hot or cold, easy, tasty, healthy, love this stuff.

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